Thursday, January 12, 2012

TAST 2012 - Buttonhole Stitch

This is a fun stitch, lots of possibilities.  Can't figure out how to get better pictures though - the colours are quite vivid in real life:

I decided to start a new sketchbook just for TAST 2012 and have stapled my samples into it.  Seeing all my initial crappy sketches along with the stitched work is a revelation!  I used to throw out my quick sketches but seeing the progression is important.  Under each sample I wrote lots of notes for future design improvement.

Need to practice the buttonhole herringbone stitch to get it smooth and even.  I also need to leave more space between elements - the third sample is too cluttered.


Isabelle said...

I like this. I think it has something like an oriental look.

ashenka said...

your samples are like Japanise ornament! and colors too! especially 2nd and 3rd samples. I'm dreaming to create something like this!
and so good idea with book and notes under the stitches!

Raphaela said...

Beautiful variations. I like your shells.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, delicate, ethereal. This is very lovely work that touches the soul.