Friday, March 16, 2012

Embroidered Silk Scarf - Leaves

I'm currently stitching my mother's birthday gift:

Both fabrics are silk dupioni, with the leaves fused using Pellon's Wonder Under (I had some in my stash).  I worried about hand stitching through the fused fabric but it's surprisingly easy. 

The thread is a Japanese silk thread that's approximately the thickness of #12 perle cotton.  It's beautiful to stitch with.  I use shorter lengths than I'm used to with perle cotton, otherwise the silk thread gets a bit gnarled / frayed.   Not sure if it's because I'm pulling it through the fusible or if this always happens with silk thread.

I love this piece so far!  I'd be tempted to keep it for myself but these colours are definitely better suited for my mom's complexion.  


Marta Brysha said...

What a beautiful gift for your mother. I work in silk, almost exclusively, and I can say for sure that pulling it through the fusible will make it fray. I find that working with silk on any ground fabric other than silk will do that. Silk, in general, is more prone to knotting and fraying than cotton. Try using Thread Heaven, a fabulous thread conditioner. It makes working with silk a dream.

Anonymous said...

silk is a gorgeous fabric to work with.Thankyou for visiting my blog.I'm a follower now!

shirley said...

I love working with Dupion Silk, especially for SR embroidery. I Like all your interesting examples of the Tast stitches. i am trying to learn to sketch more. It is really helpful.