Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Springtime in Ontario

There's a wooded park in my neighbourhood with lovely trilliums currently in bloom - aren't they gorgeous? The trillium is Ontario's provincial flower:

Cool looking fallen tree trunks, with some roots barely hanging on:


Mossy tree  roots:


 This isn't a great shot but you can see the ravine.  Not much rain this spring, so this creek is almost dry:

I know most people hate dandelions because they're weeds, but I love them.  I think they're beautiful and they remind me of playing in the grass as a kid:

This park is in the middle of an urban sprawl so many people walk through to just take a walk, or to walk their dogs.  There are two high schools down the road so lot of kids hang out here.  I adore that it's a well-used and well-loved park - but I really abhor all the litter.  I tried hard to keep litter out of these shots.


Anonymous said...

The trilliums are gorgeous in the sunlight. :o)

jackie said...

Its interesting to see people's environment. We have had lots of rain over the last two weeks, ever since a hosepipe ban was introduced in the UK..

Isabelle said...

the triliums are so beautiful. I didn't this flower. They don't grow in France.

Lyndsey said...

I love the Triliums. It must be a great area to live with lots of inspiration for craft.