Thursday, April 19, 2012

TAST 2012 - French Knots

Two VERY quick-and-dirty samples of french knots - not much time for stitching this week. 

  • Milliner needles are a must (the eye and shaft are the same diameter, so the knots slide off easily)
  • Keeping tension on the thread is essential.  I HIGHLY recommend Mary Corbet's french knot video tutorial

I tried for some realistic looking lily-of-the-valley. The knots are doubled #8 perle cotton, 6 wraps each knot.  They're still out of proportion: 

These french knots are a single strand of cotton floss.  I used pink tulle for the 'champagne':

And here's my embroidered lichen.  I've posted these before but I love this project so far.  I need to carve out a chunk of time next week to finish this:


isseelan said...

Like the way u embroidered the champagne. Creative work.


Ranjana's craft blog said...

Too good... Liked the champagne idea

Sandy said...

Nice examples. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

celle qui rêve said...

Cheers !

Cyndi L said...

I love your lichen, but the lilies of the valley really caught my eye since ours is just starting to peek out :-)

Anonymous said...

Champagne bubbles is a genius idea!

Anita said...

Love the champagne glass... french knots bubbles are lovely!