Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh Canada - Contemporary Canadian Art at MASS MoCA

There's a fabulous exhibit at MASS MoCA called Oh Canada that I wish I could see in person!  120 art works by 62 Canadian artists are featured. 

The Globe and Mail has a great article here.  I find this quote by Denise Markonish, one of the curators, particularly poignant:

"To the surprise of many, it did not include some of Canada’s art stars – Jeff Wall, Rodney Graham, Stan Douglas and Janet Cardiff. Such omissions, Markonish says, were entirely intentional but not meant as a slight. “[They’re] already what the art world expects when they hear ‘Canadian art,’ ” she says. “Canada’s a big country, and there’s a lot going on, and I wanted to give voice to a lot of artists who aren’t known here; or if they’re known, to present other facets of their practice.”

You can read more info about the show and the artists here, at MASS MoCA's website.

Ann Brauer visited the show and has blogged about it here.  She has posted some terrific photos.

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