Friday, June 22, 2012

Silk Wallhanging - Auditioning Fabrics

I'm auditioning fabrics to frame this gorgeous piece of eco dyed silk by Arlee Barr.  I want to embroider / quilt through all the layers.  (Click the pictures to enlarge and see the beautiful details)

I really like the bronze silk dupioni, but I'm not sure about the maroon:

Does black look better than maroon?

I'd love to find a rich chocolate silk, I think that would bring out the greens and orange in the eco dyed piece.  Perhaps even a deep burgundy.

I used knit fusible interfacing on the back of the eco dyed silk - it's perfect.  It's so light and diaphanous so the silk retains it's suppleness, yet it adds significant stability.  A shout-out to Allie Aller for the knit fusible idea - here's how she uses it for crazy quilting.


arlee said...

take that black away!!! :) the maroon is gorgeous, extends the "walls" and would be so much more in keeping with the organic look--of course i *am* a *bit* prejudiced!

thanks for the shout out too Blossom

Marie Costa said...

Awesome, thanks Arlee! You're right that the red/orange bit blends into the maroon quite nicely. It's funny how I thought the black looked so good in person, but seeing it in the photo, it's totally wrong.

Marta Brysha said...

The black kills it - do not go there. You are on the right track with the maroon, but I think it competes too much with the orange. The orange in the ecodyed fabric is the "unexpected". It lifts the entire palette of the piece and is precisely what makes this piece interesting.

My advice would be to go for a purple to pick up the violet highlights that run along the top of the piece and the deeper purple tones in the section to the middle right. The purple you choose must be quite dark. This will make sure that the lighter purples in the piece do not get swamped and will play off dramatically with the orange. As Arlee suggests, the proportion between the 3 pieces of fabric will be key.

Marta Brysha said...

Arlee, I just realised that it is you who did the eco dyeing. Very nice piece.

Isabelle said...

the two xolors make interessant but different effects. perhaps the maroon looks a bit better, but I am not sure.

Marie Costa said...

Thank you everyone!

Marta, I love the purple idea - definitely will try to find a nice dark purple silk. I really appreciate the feedback!

crazyQstitcher said...

I prefer the maroon, which makes the colours warmer.
The eco dyed silk is gorgeous.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.It is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you made your decision on the dupioni color so I'm adding my comment for what it's worth. The maroon brings life to the piece and the proportions feel right. The black would work if the bronze were a different color.


Suztats said...

I prefer the maroon, too. I shall enjoy seeing this develop.

Lucy said...

I agree with everyone else ... not the black, definitely not the black. I love the idea of a purple ... I think that would look amazing against the bronze background and with the colours in Arlee's silk.