Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday

Here's my string quilt so far:

Please excuse the crappy way the blocks are displayed - I'm currently reorganizing my tiny apartment so that my living/dining room will be a studio (goodbye kitchen table, but hello fabrics being more accessible!)  I'm still trying to figure out a cheap yet effective design wall.  Fleece and batting both suck - I need something pinnable. 

And here's what I'm calling my Synthetic Folly:

 I fell in love with these fabrics years ago at a local quilt guild's rummage sale (the colours in real life are a glorious chartreuse and navy floral print).  I knew the synthetics would be difficult to work with, but this is ridiculous.  They have fought me every step of the way - the seams pucker, creases can't be pressed out, and even fusbible knit interfacing on the back can't make these fabrics behave.  UGH.  

To be fair, it didn't look this bad yesterday when the interfacing was newly applied, but rolling it up made all the freaking bubbles and creases re-appear. 

As much as I love these fabrics, I'm on the fence about this thing.  I originally wanted to add lots of hand embroidery, sort of like a hybrid crazy-sane quilt.  Now I'm not sure all that effort will be worth it.  At first I thought the embroidery and quilting would flatten it out and disguise the puckering, but now I suspect all that handling will just make it worse.  And having to press the darn thing every single time I want to stitch on it to get the bubbles and ripples out - hmmmmm, not happening.

I might just tie this instead of quilting it and use it as a cuddle blanket - it's a nice size, about 50" x 60".  And not investing any more time means I'll actually enjoy it as a blanket, and I'll be able to throw it in the washer without worry.

At what point do you decide a project isn't worth it?


sharonb said...

WOW real hard decision about that quilt as it looks nice (I can imagine the colours) but if those wrinkles are going to annoy the hell out of you every time you look at it you will not like it. A couple of times in my stitching life I have been in the same boat and I tossed the project as I know if I dont like something I wont get used. I have had to put it down to experience.

Queeniepatch said...

One thin you could do to 'disguise' the puckering is using real thick wadding and then tie the quilt tightly. Then there will be a lot of hills and valleys to distract the eye.