Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nebula Wall Hanging

I loved that arc too much not to rework this wall hanging:

Much better!!  The arc is now defined and this piece is telling me it's a slice of night sky, a nebula.  I haven't decided the next step - add embroidery?  beading?  just quilt it?  And what kind of borders?

A few months ago I wouldn't have pulled out all that stitching and started over but I've learned to trust my instincts.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday and Some UFO's

I found two very old UFO's in my stash.  

This small wall hanging isn't the greatest composition but I have a soft spot for it because I adore the hand dyed fabrics as well as the arc created by the light areas.  I decided to be 'spontaneous' and play with running stitch using #8 perle cotton:

Lesson learned:  'spontaneous' does not jive with my style of working, nor does it produce results I like.  The wonkiness of the stitch lines is driving me nuts! 

I also dislike the red stitches in the upper right - they will come out.  I'll extend the yellow stitching right across then decide where to go next with this piece. I'd like to emphasize that 'arc' somehow.........

I also found this little beauty hiding in my stash.  I don't remember what I had planned to do with it but I do remember how much I loved these hand dyed fabrics.  I'll use this for some TAST stitches.