Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday and Some UFO's

I found two very old UFO's in my stash.  

This small wall hanging isn't the greatest composition but I have a soft spot for it because I adore the hand dyed fabrics as well as the arc created by the light areas.  I decided to be 'spontaneous' and play with running stitch using #8 perle cotton:

Lesson learned:  'spontaneous' does not jive with my style of working, nor does it produce results I like.  The wonkiness of the stitch lines is driving me nuts! 

I also dislike the red stitches in the upper right - they will come out.  I'll extend the yellow stitching right across then decide where to go next with this piece. I'd like to emphasize that 'arc' somehow.........

I also found this little beauty hiding in my stash.  I don't remember what I had planned to do with it but I do remember how much I loved these hand dyed fabrics.  I'll use this for some TAST stitches. 

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Queeniepatch said...

The Running stitch is so easy yet so difficult! Those who do a lot of sashiko get practise; the stark contrast of the thread and the fabric make you notice any wonkiness. On your fabric though the stitches are blending in nicely with the background.
That butterly will be a perfect place to land some TAST stitches on. Keep up the good work.