Friday, September 6, 2013

Cream Jeweled Cowl

I love this pattern so much!  It's easy yet elegant; it drapes beautifully.  Beading is always fun and it gives knitted lace a nice amount of zing as well as a little extra weight for nice draping. 

This is a free pattern called Jeweled Cowl by Sachiko Uemura.  Details on my Ravelry project page

P.S. I changed my mind about frogging the Colorblock Shawl - I'm so used to lace that I just needed to get used to draping/styling something thicker. 


Magpie's Mumblings said...


Isabelle said...

oh, this shawl is so diaphanous !

Anonymous said...

Wow, these are lovely! Good to see you back! :o)

Giac said...

Hello Marie,
I want to apologize. In my last post I completely forgot to answer your question in regards to gesso. I use acrylic gesso which can be found in most art supply stores. I think it is used to prepare canvas for painting.
It comes in 2 forms, a thick paint like substance in a jar or as a spray.
I have used both . the spray is good for coating a simple flat surface, but I use the paint- like one 99.9% of the time. It needs to be sanded a little between coats if you want a super smooth finish, but it fills any cracks or small gaps you want to disappear. I use the regular one, but they also have thicker ones. I have also used it to make 3d relief for fresco-like work on one of my ceilings. There might be more variations out there, but those are the only 2 I used.
The tablecloth technique is not my own but when the person who showed it to me posts about I'll make sure to add a link in one of my posts.
Big hug,

mariasminis said...

Wow this shawl is SO beautiful! I wish I knew how to knit.

crazyQstitcher said...

How delicate and lovely.474

Seams French said...

What a beautiful cowl shawl. I have not had time to knit for a while, but this shawl is tempting me. Thanks for the inspiration.