Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Doodle Book Ledger

Part of the Embroidered Pockets class is keeping a ledger.  I considered many beautiful coffee table books on art, architecture, astronomy, landscapes - but this simple children's book is the one that called to me:

A concertina book called "Is This The Longest Doodle In The World?"

More pages from the concertina book "Is This The Longest Doodle In The World?"

So far, I've added paper cutouts and origami.  The paper pockets formed by the origami kites were serendipitous!  It fits the class's pockets theme:

Paper cutouts and origami kites added to the ledger
I realized after the fact that the hinge on the kites page is visible on the front (it should have been hinged on the back).  In the past this would have REALLY bothered me, but the huge thing I've learned so far from Karen is to treat our ledgers and stitch samples as learning tools - they're not meant to be masterpieces, they're a tool to learn from.

I plan to add stitch samples, doodles, fabric swatches...lots of different media can be added to one's ledger.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Needlebook with Pockets

This will be a needlebook, for the Embroidered Pockets class.  The next step is to transfer my circles design with markers, then add embroidery.  After the embroidery is finished it will be lined and I'll insert a few felt pages in the center.

I inserted two invisible zippers to create pockets, and by folding it over two more pockets are created. I have zero dressmaking skills but this brilliant tutorial that I found on youtube made the process foolproof! 

It took awhile for me to figure out the design and dimensions on paper but I'm very glad that I took my time.  It turned out just how I wanted it to, the sewing came together easily, and I conquered my fear of inserting zippers.  I got to use two sewing machine feet that I hadn't used before - invisible zipper foot and variable zipper foot.  I'm quite pleased with this so far:

Needlebook when open (left) and when closed (right).  Note the invisible zippers running vertically, near the center.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Circles Design Sheet on Fabric

Testing a fabric doodle using my circles design sheet for the Embroidered Pockets class.  Hand dyed cotton fabric (left) and watercolour paper (right) using Zig Memory System 'Writer' markers.  I tested them and they are colourfast when heat set with an iron.

Zig Memory System 'Writer' markers on hand dyed cotton (left) and watercolour paper (right)