Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cutwork embroidery on my needlebook

This is my first attempt at cutwork embroidery.  I love it!!  The fabric insert behind each circle was added after the buttonholing was finished, secured with backstitch right along the edge of the buttonholing.

The first few circles are VERY wonky.  I considered re-doing them but I'm learning to let go of 'perfection' and enjoy the learning process, so I'm sharing these pictures because they may help other cutwork newbies.  I wasn't keeping a good tension on the thread, and I wasn't packing the stitches close enough together.

I added blue marker to the seam allowance of each circle so the pink fabric wouldn't show through. The doodles are Zig Memory System 'Writer' markers, heat set with an iron.

Some very wonky buttonhole cutwork!  But practice makes perfect.....

Much better!  There's still room to pack my stitches even closer.  I'm learning as I go along.

This is a cropped picture of my kitchen table with some of my sewing stuff spread out.  The cutwork is finished, the next step is adding more embroidery.  I'm planning my next project around these hankies that my grandma gave me years ago (they're not vintage - they're from the 80s - but I love them).  I think I can incorporate these leftover triangle patches from an old quilt project; I adore this turquoise fabric. 

The cutwork is finished, ready to add embroidery to the open areas.

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karen said...

this post makes me happy!! Your cloth is gorgeous, really and I love that you are enthralled by cutwork. xx