Friday, July 10, 2015

Needlebook - change of plans

I added buttonhole wheels and french knots.  Not digging the results - I want something more delicate looking as a needlebook.  It feels like my taste is changing; I've been exposed to some beautifully elegant embroidery in the Embroidered Pockets class and I'd like to move in that direction.

But this fabric won't go to waste!  I've already started cutting it up and using it in other ways.

I was initially conflicted about not using it as intended and cutting it up, but then I re-read Elaine Lipson's 'Slow Cloth Manifesto' and the first point jumped right out at me - we should take joy in the process.  Using this as intended would not give me joy, and the class group encouraged me to follow my instincts.

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Giac said...

Hello Marie,
I think it is wonderful that your tastes are changing. What you do has always been beautiful, but I think many artists get stuck in the same old thing. Changing tastes keep your work fresh and interesting. that being said, I did like what you did.
Big hug,