Saturday, July 11, 2015

Testing BIC Markers on Fabric and Paper

UPDATE:  See updated testing on unwashed cotton muslin and silk organza in this post

Testing a 36 pack of BIC brand 'Mark It' markers on cotton and paper.  They're permanent and acid free. 

BIC Mark It set of 36 markers

Fabric test results:

Top - Very thin cotton.  Top two lines using a ruler bled badly.  Diagonal lines were quickly and very lightly drawn, a bit of bleeding, and stop and start points look bad.  The doodles bled very badly.  The dots are huge and I barely touched the tip to the fabric

Middle - Quilters cotton.  Diagonal and squiggly lines were drawn quickly and lightly, hardly any bleeding but the stop and start points look bad.  The box shape and the doodles bled badly.  Once again the dots are awful.

Bottom - Quilters cotton.  Lines using a ruler.  Bleeding on the stop and start points but the lines are smooth.

Verdict - Terrible for doodles on fabric.  Okay for basic lines on quilters cotton as long as you're careful with the stop and start points.  Could be nice for watercolour effects on fabric, I'll have to test that.

 Paper test results:

Saturated colours, no bleeding.

One major caveat - they're marked as fine tip but they're not.  For comparison, the tip is similar to a Sharpie tip.   The line ends up at least twice as thick as Stabilo Point 88 fine liners.

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