Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cutwork and Ruched Silk

I added the hand ruched sample behind some cutwork.  This will be the front of my needlebook.

I fell in love with this project by one of Karen's former students and it inspired me to create something similar.  I'm loving how this looks so far! 

Cutwork and ruching on the front of my needlebook

I'm still struggling to make the buttonholing on my cutwork look really even and tidy.  It didn't help that silk dupioni frays like mad as soon as you touch it; I needed a sturdier edge. 

For the middle circle I tried something different.  I used chain stitch instead of running stitch, and also added chain stitching around the edge that would be cut out, to minimize the fraying.  I think it made a difference to the finished look but I still need more practice.

Chain stitching on both edges for cutwork

Monday, September 7, 2015

Ruched Silk Chiffon By Hand and Machine

These are ruched samples of silk chiffon by hand (top pics) and machine (bottom pics).  I stitched basic grids without worrying about how even they were.  For the machine sample I set my sewing machine on the largest stitch.

I love the hand ruched sample!  It has a looser organic look, and most of the threads are hidden.  I started with a piece about 12" x 17" and ended up with a usable area about 2.5" x 5.5".  The threads were easy to gather tightly in both directions.

The machine stitching was much faster but it's very difficult to gather the threads tightly in both directions so most of the threads remain visible and there's more of a linear look.  I started with a piece about 12" x 17" and ended up with a usable area about 2" x 9".

Hand stitched grid (top) and finished ruched sample (bottom)

Machine stitched grid (top) and finished ruched sample (bottom)